Suspension Links


Suspension links on a V-Strom are two metal pieces that connect the bottom of the rear shock to the chassis.
Their length controls the geometry of the rear sub-frame in relation to the chassis.
They also known as Dog Bones due to their shape.
Longer links pull the rear shock down, and therefore are nick named Lowering Links.
Shorter links push the rear shock up, and therefore are nick named Raising Links.

Suzuki OEM

part #: 62641-06G00
external image iDPtht8d6wNh4.jpg

After Market

Adventure tech

Steel with zinc and black powder coating, 7075-T6 or Stainless steel.

Stainless Steel raising link above, Stock link below:
external image 5362721.jpg?310

Available heights:
+5/8'', +3/4'', +7/8'', +1'', +1.125'', -1/2'', -5/8'', -3/4'', -7/8''

Burkhart Cycle

Either 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum. The former is cheaper, the latter is stronger.

Raising links


Available heights:
+5/8'', +1'', +1.5''

Lowering links


Available heights:
-3/4", -1", -1.5", -2"

external image iyh2sQve9JXvG.jpg

Enduro Guardian "Strom Lift"

Raising Links

1/4'' stainless steel.


external image iAsfqZzmsKUQ5.jpg


Adjustments can be made between -2''..+2''

external image iq64z43n11fm0.jpg

Installation Steps

From [1]:
  1. Put the bike on the centerstand, or hang it from the ceiling. Note that sidestand or a track stand won't work, because soon the swingarm will be disconnected from the rear shock.
  2. Remove the rear wheel. It might be possible to swap the linkages out with the wheel in place, but it would probably be significantly more awkward.
  3. The stock linkages are held in place with bolts with 14mm heads and 17mm nuts. Use a 14mm wrench and 17mm socket to remove the nuts, and pull the bolts out. They're the same length, so you don't need to keep track of which is which.
  4. Set the stock linkages aside and install the new linkages with the bolts.
  5. Apply a drop or two of blue (medium-strength) Lock-Tite to the threads of the nuts for good measure, and tighten them down. The shop manual specifies 56.5 lb-ft (78 N-m) of torque for these nuts.
  6. Reinstall the rear wheel.