Skid Plates

Skid Plates are supposed to protect the the sensitive exposed engine parts (e.g. Oil Filter, Tubes, Engine Body, etc.) from external objects such as the ground, rocks and stones, etc.
They add weight, but provide a layer of protection which is mandatory when going off-road or using roads of poor quality. Even on regular road a Skid Plate would protect the engine to some degree, in case there is a Skid (i.e. the bike is dropped).

Alt Rider

DL650 (Gen1/Gen2):

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Enduro Guardian (Was called: Narcosis Junky)
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SW Motech

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DL650 Gen2
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Hyde Racing
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MotoAgora Podia

MotoAgora Podia Product Page
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DL 650 -
DL 1000 -
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