Upgrading to Buell Ulysses turn indicators.

Many find the stock turn signals on the DL650 quite dim. The OEM turnsignals furnished on the bike for many years lack a reflector. The turn signals are also fragile and rather expensive. Buell turn signals as furnished on the Buell Ulysses are bright, highly damage resistant and inexpensive (~$15 each, a fraction of the cost of OEM Suzuki part). Best of all the Buell signals are probably in stockat your local Harley Davidson dealer! The Buell part numbers needed are Y0503.02A8A (used on left front and right rear) and Y0504.02A8 (used on right front and left rear). The Buell signals tuck in a bit closer to the body of the bike, better protecting them in case of a drop. The Buell signals draw less power than the OEM signals so you will either need to fit a electronic flasher, accept a faster flash rate, or replace the bulbs (one compatible bulb is the Sylvania 1156A LL BP 20).

The mounting stud for the Buell signals is the same diameter as the stock turnsignals, 8mm. But you cannot reuse the OEM mounting nuts since the thread pitch on the Buell signals is a different, much finer, pitch. So you may want to also buy one D08800.4FBL nut for each Buell turnsignal you buy unless you can source the fine pitch nut locally. My local metric hardware supplier told me that the pitch is uncommon in that diameter and he had none of the nuts in stock. If you want to try to source the nut locally its a M8x1.0. I was able to eventually find M8x1.0 nylock nuts for about $0.15 at another specialy fastener shop.


Install how-to here.

OEM Clear Lens Cover

Part Numbers:
Right Front and Left Rear 35612-29FA0
Left Front and Right Rear 35632-29FA0