Side cases (AKA panniers, a term that was used with donkeys, mules & horses) provide extra storage space.
They are located to the side of the motorcycle and mounted on specially designed luggage mounting racks.
Side cases have a lower center of gravity and are more streamlined with the motorcycle, compared to a top case, but add width which can make the V-Strom harder to handle through narrows passages/traffic and can reduce ground clearance when cornering.
By and large, side cases are much more costlier to install than a top case, because they require a costly mounting rack and there are also 2 side cases instead of one.

Suzuki OEM

Shown with the Suzuki OEM top case:
external image jl7Ep29fghWTM.jpg

After Market

Givi E21

Shown with Givi V46 top case.
external image jWzOZDB9zvYwo.jpg

Givi E36

Shown with Givi E45 top case.
external image ibhxN5o2hV3TVJ.jpg

Pelican 1550

Shown with SW-Motech Quick-Lock side carrier
external image ivmNn9spE2w8J.jpg

Caribou 36L (iM2600)

external image jblV02txJJUygx.jpg

Hepco Becker Gobi

external image jbmjeR6piNdCzH.jpg

Happy Trail

external image j3w5H09S6plIF.jpg

Comparison between different models




Micatech V2

Shown with 8in Black V2:
external image i7UKAHssiW1qd.jpg

SW-Motech Trax

Shown with Givi E460 top case:
external image j09qmjnK0A2DQ.jpg

Touratech Zega Pro


external image jHgUsHItV7bII.jpg


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