When riding in cold weather hands can easily get cold and then have one of the following symptoms:
1. An unconformable feeling that can turn into pain
2. Loss of movement, and risk of not being able to use the throttle or brake
3. Damage to the hand tissue, temporary or permanent, if the hand has frostbite.

Heated grips heat the handle bar at the point of contact with the hands.
They function by converting electricity into heat by using a heating element which wraps around the handle bar.

Heating Grip Connectors

Fuse Boxes

When connecting directly to a switched port of a fuse box, there is no need to have a special connector.
For more info see: Fuse Boxes

Suzuki Heating Connector

For DL-650 Gen1 & DL-1000

external image izwyNNuIEznxi.jpg
For the location of the Suzuki heated grip connected see:

Suzuki OEM Connector Part #: 36852-06G00

Eastern Beaver Suzuki Heating Connector

external image i8qzGmTyymIao.jpg
Note: that DL650 Gen1 & DL1000 have a different connector than DL650 Gen2:

Heat Grips

Suzuki OEM Heated Grips

Part #:
57100-06860 superseded by
57100-06870 superseded by

external image iLW23w0krGLRh.png

After Market


external image ibpsn5nudvbHoY.jpg


Installing Oxfored Heated Grips:


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