GPS Mounts

The V-Strom doesn't provide an out-of-the-box solution for mounting GPS devices on the motorcycle.
There are four parts to the problem of mounting GPS devices on a V-Strom:
1. Chassis connector
2. Optional - Arm that connects the chassis connector to the GPS Device cradle
3. GPS Device cradle
4. Optional - An electric wire/charger

An example of a fully mounted Garmin Nuvi GPS, using the Strombone connector, with RAM Arm and cradle:
external image jzXTT47KZoVEO.jpg

Chassis connector

external image jdlSJKLpfgk0s.jpg

SW-MOTECH Vibration-Damped GPS Holder
external image jbhNJMCFIqybx6.jpg

Adventure Tech (Richland Rick) GPS Mount,9704.0.html
external image jjweCNIP8kFFb.jpg

Brake Handle bar GPS Mount

RAM Part#: RAM-B-346U

external image jk5eQQcAPDJ2Z.jpg

RAM Handle Bar Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp

external image jbo966ee1695gT.jpg

Pat Welsh Design (PWD) Shelf

external image ibbxnKwDYJ0mfw.jpg

DIY Mounts

external image iDue8yAkcHulw.jpg

Mount Arm

Once the GPS Connector is connected to the chassis, a mount arm is typically used in order to connect the Chassis connector and the GPS Device Cradle.

RAM provides numerous mounting solution, but typically the short or long arm are used with the RAM B Ball.
RAM Short Socket arm, part #: RAM-B-201U-A
external image iFlrtrzwPoskp.jpg

GPS Device cradle

The GPS Device Cradle attaches to the GPS and also allows a quick connect/disconnect to the mount arm.


Electric wire/charger

Hard wire
12V Charger