A Fuse Box on a motorcycle is used for a few purposes:
1. Provide a single central fused protection for devices connected to the battery (as opposed to connecting each device to a separate fuse, and fuse holder which can create a spaghetti of fuse holders and wires)
2. Extend the battery terminals. The battery terminals can only be attached to a limited number of terminal rings, due to the thickness of each terminal ring. In the v-strom OEM battery only about 3 or 3 terminal rings can be connected, using the stock battery terminal screw
3. Allow configuration of device working mode:
  • HOT - The device always works regardless of the key switch state (e.g. useful for alarm systems, or a power outlet).
  • SWITCHED - The device only works when the key switch is set to ON mode (e.g. useful for heating devices - they should not keep working when the bike is turned off, or the battery will quickly drain out)


Eeatern Beaver PC-8

external image jrMr5GvXFLQVv.jpg


Cantech AP-1
external image jjWF35yUBX9jd.jpg

Blue Seas

Blue Seas ST Blade Fuse boxes

Installation: V-Strom install
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