Flow Test

Applies to all DL1000 and up to K6 DL650
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Quick Flow Test

Hosted at vstrom.info Thanks to JonofChar

For DL650 & DL1000, all years.

1. Make sure you have at least 2 gallons (8 liters) of gas and raise the tank.

2. Disconnect the fuel supply line to the fuel pump. Have an old rag handy because a few drops will spill from the coupling point.

3. Attach a hose of proper size to the fuel pump outlet tube an insert other end into a measuring cup or calibrated container that will hold 500ml of fuel.

4. Cycle the ignition key on & off three times, waiting each time the key is turned on for the ECU to complete it's boot up sequence. The sequence is complete when the pump stops pumping.

5. You should have a minimum of 300ml - 350ml of fuel in the cup.

6. Put everything back together.

Anything less in the cup is an indication of an improperly operating fuel pump assembly. In most cases this is the result of a contaminated high pressure fuel filter.

External Fuel Filter Modification

Hosted at vstrom.info