The DL650 Mk1, and DL1000 have an instrument display that display the following information:
1. Analog Speedometer (Miles/KM)
2. Analog Tachometer (RPM)
3. Digital Engine Temperature (5 Bars LCD)
4. Digital Time of day (LCD)
5. Overall distance, Trip1 and Trip2 distance counter
6. Engine error codes (CHEC)

Newer motorcycles, in particular the DL650 Mk2 provide additional information details:
1. Gear Position Indicator (1-6, N)
2. Ambient (Air) Temperature (C or F)

Other useful information that is not shown on any V-Strom model:
1. Battery Level (in Volts)

The value of extra information

  • Gear Position Indicator - The V-Strom 'old' models just shown a Neutral indicator ('N'). That is useful, but many times the rider would like to know which gear the motorcycle is using, in particular with the Top Gear (6).
  • Ambient Temperature - The rider does have a natural ambient temperature, the human skin, but humans adapt to temperature and can be subject to the Boiling Frog effect. An accurate ambient temperature gauge confirms that the rider's perception of current temperature is correct.
  • Battery Level -
    • The V-Strom has a limited power output. When using power consuming devices, such as heated clothing or auxiliary lights, it is very important to monitor the voltage level of the battery
    • A battery can drain naturally. But monitoring the battery voltage level, it is possible to validate that the battery is healthy, and if not replace it or fix the root cause of the problem (e.g. a 'hot' device that drains the battery when the bike is turned off)


After Market Solutions

GI Pro

HealTech have a number of Gear Indicator products named GIPro.
Note: Some of the GIPro products have a feature called ATRE, which is supposed to add some power. It is basically cheating the MCU by sending it a gear indication level of 4th gear for all gears other than Neutral (N), since in 4th gear power output is not restricted.

external image jXsICQj3GHv0k.jpg


Datel Voltmeter

Datel offers a voltmeter solution which is compact and easy to install in various places on the V-Strom
external image j7kDAKlEisMBE.jpg


DIY Solutions


Stromputer is an Arduino based solution that provides the following features:
1. LED Gear Indicator (One Led for each gear, 1-6 or Blinking 1st for N)
2. LCD Display showing:
  • Ambient Air Temperature (F or C)
  • Battery Level (in V)
  • Gear Indicator (1..6 or N)
3. Light Sensor for automatic LCD brightness control
4. Digital temperature sensor

external image jbdZNJBXt1q1zl.jpg

The project is open source and free for non-commercial usage (GPL).

Voltar's Indicator

Voltar (from Stromtrooper forum) has come up with a DIY gear indicator and temperature project which is budget oriented.
It is based of a PIC micro controller and a single digit LCD display.
Note: There are several version of this project. Some have a much smaller LCD display.

external image ibo9wXPA1b5evM.JPG

The project is closed source. micro controllers are sent by Voltar (no charge except cost and shipping) to DIYers.

Blue Guages

This DIY gear indicator is using 6 LEDs, each for a different gear (1..6).
The solution is a not using a microcontroller, but instead is using LM339 analog voltage comparators.
It is simpler to build, and cheaper than a micro controller solution, but doesn't have the same accuracy as a digital firmware that can compare voltage within ranges.
Comparator based solutions are therefore subject to sometimes incorrectly display the wrong gear.

external image jvxMWmJnK3aej.jpg