How to enter dealer mode and diagnostics

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In User Mode, which is the normal running mode, if an FI error occurs you will see the "FI" letters displayed in the odometer readout area. If the FI is alternated every 2 seconds with an odometer readout & the Red FI lamp on the dash is on solid, the bike will start and run in fail-safe mode. If the odometer readout is FI & the Red FI light lamp is blinking, the bike will not start.

Dealer Mode:
An FI error will be memorized in the ECU when & error is present. This error will stay in the ECU as long as power is not removed from (battery disconnected or ECU unplugged) the ECU and the error has not been cleared. It should be noted, that if an FI error is intermittent, the error code should be checked before the bike is turned off. Carry a spare key & a jumper so the seat can be removed and Dealer Mode entered while bike is still running. As soon as a error is cleared it is removed from ECU memory.

Note: You can run the bike as normal when in dealer mode. So if you are dealing with an intermittent problem, wire it for dealer mode and ride. The code will show when the FI light is on. If the error clears, so will the code.

The Dealer Mode connector for all DL1000's & all NON-ABS DL650's is located under the left rear fairing next to the ECU. The following photo shows the 2 Strom diagnostic connectors. The smaller one with a soft rubber cover is the dealer mode plug.

external image Service+plugs.jpg

Dealer Mode connector for K7 & onward ABS DL650's is forward under the rear of the tank. The ABS (not engine) dealer mode connector is in the rear where the normal connector is on other Stroms.

external image DM+Connector-650K7.jpg

Dealer mode is entered by placing a jumper on two of the wires in this plug. The 02-03 DL1000 has a 4 pin plug with only two wires.

external image 02-03+DL1000+Dealermode.jpg

The 04 & up DL1000 & all DL650 have a 6 pin plug with four wires. In all cases, the White/Red & Black/White wires are the ones you will jumper to enable dealer mode. In the 6 pin plug they are the ones on the end. Use a paper clip, a piece of wire or everything that is conductive that will fit.

external image 6+pin+dealermode+plug.jpg
external image wires+on+6+pin.jpg

Once the jumper is in place dealer mode is entered. The FI error code(s) will be displayed in the odometer readout (k2 & K3) & clock readout (for all K4 & up) area of the LCD panel when the ignition is on, engine running or not. If more than one error is in place it will change every 2 seconds to display all codes. -C00 is the normal readout as shown below. The jumper can be inserted with ignition on or off.

external image Error+Readout.JPGexternal image K4Display.jpg

If an error code is present, the error code(s) will be displayed as follows.

C00 No error
C11 Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS) - 1000 Only
C12 Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS)
C13 Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS)
C14 Throttle Position Sensor
C15 Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (ECTS)
C17 Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS) - 07 & Up 650 Only
C21 Intake Air Temp. Sensor (IATS)
C22 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (APS) - 1000 Only
C23 Tip Over Sensor (TOS)
C24 Ignition Signal #1 (Front Coil)
C25 Ignition Signal #2 (Rear Coil)
C28 Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator (STVA)
C29 Secondary Throttle Position Sensor (STPS)
C31 Gear Position Sensor (GPS)
C32 Injector Signal #1 ( Front)
C33 Injector Signal #2 (Rear)
C40 ISC Valve - 07 & Up 650 Only
C41 Fuel Pump Control System (Fuel Pump Relay)
C42 Ignition Switch Signal (Anti-Theft)
C44 Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)
C49 PAIR Control Solenoid Valve