Tools Required:

  • 4mm hex wrench or socket
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Starting at the top remove the two plastic rivets and two button head bolts
at the front of the tank.

Now work your way down one side (take your pick right or left) and remove all the
button heads that you can find. Make a note of which ones go where, as there are
3 different types In the process.

When you have removed all the visible button head bolts take off the chin fairing.
This is held in place by those little black plastic rivets. The chin fairing
needs to be removed prior to taking off the side panel because there is
a phillips head screw that holds the side plastic panel on concealed by the chin fairing.

Once the chin fairing is removed you will be able to remove the “hidden” screws that hold
The side panels to the bike. Once these are out you can safely remove your side panels.