The Suzuki V-Strom 1000, also known as the DL1000, is a dual-sport motorcycle with a 996 cc V-twin engine and a standard riding posture. It has been manufactured in Japan by Suzuki since 2002, although sales in Europe ended in 2009.
The name V-Strom combines "V" referring to the bikes engine configuration with the German "Strom", meaning stream or current.
The V-Strom motorcycle is based on the V-twin engine initially designed for the Suzuki TL1000S and TL1000R motorcycles. It incorporates design elements from other Suzuki motorcycles including Fuel Injection based on the GSX-R models. A smaller-engined version, V-Strom 650 is also manufactured.
Kawasaki marketed an identical version of the bike named the KLV1000 in Europe.

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Model Year Changes

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