Cruise Control Systems are a comfort mechanism, as the allow the motorcycle to maintain a constant speed, without the rider's constant throttle twist.
On long highway rides, usage of Cruise Control can reduce fatigue, and muscle cramping of the right hand, which is used for controlling the throttle.

With the V-Strom family, there is no OEM/Stock factory solution for Cruise Control.
There are however aftermarket solutions. Some of them are electric and some are purely mechanical.
Mechanical solutions are much cheaper than electric, and are very easy to install. They are not accurate however, and do not provide an automatic cancellation mechanism (when braking), or accurate small speed adjustments .

Electric Cruise Control



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Mechanical Cruise Control

GO Cruise

Go Cruise installs on the throttle grip in a few seconds, no tools needed.
When the motorcycle is at desired speed, the Go Cruise metal piece is pushed down with the right index finger until it rests on the brake lever. Go Cruise has just enough grip to hold the throttle in place, and take stress off the wrist.
To reduce speed, the throttle needs to be manually to rolled forward (off) to override the Go Cruise.

The 7/8'' diameter version is needed for all V-Strom models.

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Vista Universal


Install instructions here.