How to convert Google maps routes into GPX file

Assumption: You have already designed some route in Google Maps, and now want a GPX (Garmin file format)

1. Download and install tyre. TyreToTravel - find, create and share routes
2. Copy the google maps URL in the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer/Fire Fox/Chrome)
3. Open Tyre application
4. Select menu item: File/Import from web site..., A dialog will open with a URL text input box on top.
5. Paste the Google Maps URL from Step 2, into that text input box.
6. Click Import button (bottom). The route will be imported into Tyre and displayed.
7. Save the file as GPX.
8. [Optional] If the Garmin GPS is connected through USB, tyre can upload the GPX directly to it. Click menu item: Garmin/Copy to Garmin...

Simple - That's it!

Note: Tyre has many options. e.g. To avoid highways, Select main menu: Tools/Preferences/Google Maps Routes/Avoid Highways