The purpose of case studies is to learn from experience and insight of other riders that faced non trivial issues and solved them.

Case Studies

  • Error Code C25


  • Error Code C28


  • Motorcycle not starting every time

Description:Motorcycle would not start every time, even though the battery is good and so is the starter.
V-Strom not starting every time

Solutions: Cleaning and adjusting the starter switch
1. By OP (Scorch) - http://moto-dude.com/vstrom.htm#starter
2. By BlackLab - http://blacklabadventures.com/2012/02/19/start-switch-maintenance/

  • Cooling liquid overflowing when motorcycle engine is stopped

    Description: After a ride, when the motorcycle engine was stopped, the cooling liquid overflowed and spilled.
    DL1000 overheating a long way from home
Solution: Defective radiator cap was replaced

  • Dashboard is dead/acting erratically

Description: The dashboard seems dead when the key is turned on, but when the key is turned off the speedometer and tachometer needles do a full range sweep.
The bike does start.

Solution: Dashboard wires and other wires were loose. Once wires have been put back in place, all went back to normal