Removing the side panels

DL1000 Side Panel Removal
(Credit: Mighty Shep)

Removing the side panels and front

Note: The side panels & the entire front end can be removed in one piece.

It would be a good idea to have a helper for this procedure as it is a bit on the heavy side a kind of awkward. Cover your fender well in case of a mishap.

1. Remove the piece of plastic that joins the two halves of the fairing on the forward end of the tank.
2. Remove the two black frame covers.
3. Remove the two fairing screws on the trailing edge of the fairing that go into the tank.
4. Remove the two screws that hold the fairing to the radiator.
5. Disconnect the one or two electrical connectors (depending on bike) inside the fairing pocket on the left-hand side. It helps to remove the middle plastic push-pin on this side so you can lift up the electrical harness to disconnect. This is the hardest part.
6. Remove the two 12mm bolts holding the forward fairing support frame to the main frame of the bike. These bolts are located just under the ignition switch and accessible from the right side. Use blue Loctite on these when replacing.

When these two bolts are removed be ready to support the entire assembly.
There are hooked supports at this attachment point, but they can slip.

At this point, the entire assembly should slip off toward the front of the bike.

Hardware removed or disconnected: One or two electrical connector(s), eight screws, three push pins and two bolts holding the fairing on.