The V-Strom models are considered by many as being not very aesthetic with an odd shape, even though as very functional and practical motorcycles.
This is inline with the 'Function Over Form' principle, which is almost the opposite from cruisers and customs (where the looks are more important than the actual functionality)
It is not surprising therefore, that some have attempted to give their V-Stroms more attractive looks.


Stromtrooper Sticker

external image jbgfMx0XmcshMf_e.jpg

'German' Decals

Designed and sold by Fozzyber/cypressgraphics.
The German decals take inspiration from the design of the decals and fonts found on BMW R1200 GSA motorcycles.
external image jDl8Y7rnXrjCy.jpg

Warhawk Decals

Designed by Warhammer.
The Warhawk decals are inspired by the painting theme of the WWII P40 Warhawk fighter aircraft.
external image jbaOMwfRwr7FA6.jpg

Warthog Decals

Another design by Fozzyber/cypressgraphics.
The decals are inspired by the painting theme of the A10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft.
external image jJpJt8nZfs6Vm.jpg

'Top-Gun' Decals

Designed by BigMan73.
The Top-Gun decals take inspiration from the movie Top Gun and from the German decals design. The design uses a military stencil font which is similar to the one used by the US military. The font is sharper and rectangular, vs the rounder German font.
external image ibukbHcMBhAXdU.JPG
Note: The decals design is open source, available and free for usage.

2014 DL-1000 (Mk2) Suzuki Decals

Part #: TBD
external image iv7F8G7UXKrEq.jpg

Painted Parts

Exhaust Cover

Painting the exhaust cover in black

Exhaust Pee Shoot

external image ib122hjnxDAJIM.jpg

Covered Parts

3M DiNoc Vinyl

external image ijN4Tw2CRvRyb.jpg

Body Parts

JMV Concept Lower Fairing

DL650 "ST"
external image jbbBJRHB2IaMyf.jpg



Installing Decals


Installing Decals video (for Shark Decals by Fozzybear):

Decal Removal

How to remove stickers

Removing Body Panels

How to remove body panels