The OEM (i.e. Stock) V-Strom horn is very weak and can barely be heard by any other party than the rider, in particular when riding in a noisy environment (e.g. Highway).
The problem with is it being non-functional for its purpose, which is to warn others against possible danger.


There are after market solutions that use air horns instead of (or in parallel) to the OEM horn.
An air horn uses a powerful air compressor, that cannot draw its power from the OEM horn electric connector, since the current drawn would be to high (10-15A) and would damage the bike's handle bar electronics immediately. For the OEM horn, the current is going through the OEM horn switch.
Air horns on the V-Strom can therefore draw current directly from the battery, or indirectly through a fuse box.
Air horns are triggered (activated) through the OEM horn switch, using a relay. The relay is an electronically controlled switch that controls high current (to the airhorn) with low current as an input (from the OEM horn switch on the handle bar).

Stebel Nautilus Compact Horn

Stebel creates compact, yet very powerful air horns that can be easily fitted on a motorcycle.
The Stebel horn can be put on the V-Strom in many ways, and locations, or by getting a ready made kit.
Stebel Italia

Note: Stebel has gone bankrupt, and then back into business (in 2012).

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PWD (Pat Walsh Designs) Horn Kit

PWD sell a horn kit which is specifically designed for the V-Strom, easy to install and contains all the needed components
Note: PWD used to sell the horn kit with a Stebel horns, but as of September 2012 started using Wolo Bad Boy horns instead (a special all black version). PWD offers a 2 year warranty on the Wolo Bad Boy horns.

DL650 Gen1/Gen2

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Wolo Badboy

Wolo seems to be a Stebel knock-off made in China and there are some important differences from the Stebel: (Source: Gary from PWD, PWD is a certified Stebel dealer)
Warranty: Stebel 1 year, WOLO 30 days (Note: PWD offers 2 years warranty as of September 2012)
Compressor psi: Stebel 16.5-17, WOLO 15-16
Decibel Rating: Stebel 139 dB, WOLO 118 dB
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Fiamm Air Horn

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V-Strom Fiamm Airhorn

Eastern Beaver Air Horn Harness

The Eastern Beaver harness takes care of the wiring component only - the wire harness, fuse holder and relay, but NOT the air horn itself.
That can be very useful for those who want to construct a custom solution, instead of a pre-built kit, using any air horn.
Note than EB Kits are specific to the client, i.e. made per order. The lengths and components can be custom tailored as needed.

EB Horn Kit

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